Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 4th at the Vic Pool. Andrew Jennings, Save the Victoria Pool Society

Bikini Man ... as a Boy.

LOVE this Puppy.

Andrew Jennings, Save the Victoria Pool Society, and Teddy C. in July at Dara's Wedding.

Andrew Jennings, Save the Victoria Pool Society: Place card ... tee hee

Teddy Coelho at the wedding in July, of Dara and Harrison

Andrew Jennings, Save the Victoria Pool Society. Family Wedding pic

July ... the Sibs at Dara's wedding.

July at the Saratoga County Fair with Teddy

Andrew Jennings, Save the Victoria Pool Society,

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Real Hollywood Stories: High-Price Monkey Hookers of Saratoga

June POOL PROTEST.... they ended up loading me in a BOCES Bus ... I spent four hours trying to convince them I wasn't a ward of the State.

Hiking in the Wilderness.... I ended up eating three members of our party....

June at the Geyser

Ah... Summer.

The twins....

Teddy eatin' the Lemon Gelato...

Sexy Teddy in the Casio Park, Saratoga, June 08

Teddy in the Park.... Healthy lunch..... yumm

Belmont Stakes... Lily and Me

Prince Andrew....

Opening of the First Diet Coke of the Season.....

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Very fun weekend....

Friday Night: Major fun... dinner at Afgan Grill.
Saturday: Celebration for a brother's 94 the Birthday and met the Grand Master of the State of New York of the Freemasons.
Sunday: Wow.... Run around, walk dog, shower, run to OLOM, lunch at Icheban. Then on to T-dance with Steve and Mr Fourtwenty. Short "nap" then on to dinner.
Totally stuffed.

Am I Amy Winehouse ????

Ribs nearly poking thru my skin

Do I look fat in the suit????

andy in the last century

Hey S. C.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

muito, muito feliz

Isto foi uma semana muito fria para mim. Estive muito, muito feliz. Eu lote de coisas boas vão em... agora mesmo. Antecipo os dias e semanas uma cabeça.

Selecione-me, Seleciona-Me

....Isto é Señor Coelho. É meu novo amigo. Gosto dele. Penso que ele é muito amável. Podem ser companheiros bons. Temos divertido junto.

Stephen at Circus ...

Olhe seu rosto bonito. É tão gracioso. Penso que seu sorriso é tão, tão bastante.

April 18th Meeting with the Mayor of Saratoga Springs.